Talent Managment

Monetizing YOU - A unique approach to brand independence covered.

Personal Branding

We can give you true brand independence by creating an exclusive product or business that will suit your image and your followers, and monetize it in many ways online.

Influencer Coaching

One-on-one sessions and informative group workshops on everything influencer: From innovative ways to reach and monetize your audience while increasing your followers, to brush-ups on current trends, social climate and all issues and affairs.


Ensuring the best possible influencer and brand/campaign combination has been secured, with the understanding that you will be representing your own brand in any collaboration you may partake in. We don’t just match up anybody with anybody.

Branded Collaborations

Give your brand an edge by collaborating with someone else’s for product endorsement, service endorsement, and brand awareness.

Campaign Management

Once you’re signed onto a campaign, we can handle all the details so that you don’t have to waste your energy on dealing with every factor outlined in the campaign. We know what we’re doing.

Global Exposure

With an international team comes an international reputation. Work with us and we can help you build relationships with audiences overseas, which will only expand your notoriety and your brand.

Legal Counseling

All contracts you make have complete transparency when you work with us. We copyright your content to prevent theft, and we make sure that you know what you’re getting into each time you’re offered a contract.

Content Creation

Our team will take care of creating all of your content. We can handle videography, graphic design, illustrations, scripts, and captions to best represent your brand.

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